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We work with businesses and projects to develop and execute effective digital marketing plans that produce your desired marketing results. We are experts at using diverse digital platforms and channels to target and convert your intended customers or achieve your desired results through the power of digital marketing. To achieve the business goals of each campaign, we combine both offline and digital tactics such as SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Digital Display Marketing, Video Advertising, App Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, etc across digital channels such as social media, search engines, email lists and more. The right digital marketing plan, well-executed, can get thousands of: ✓ People to know about and engage with your brand online and offline. ✓ Monthly active users for your Software as a Service (SaaS) business ✓ Monthly app downloads ✓ Email Subscribers, ✓ Real paying customers for your product/service.

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Case Studies

Some of Our Work and Recent Successful Projects

Pan Atlantic University Case Study

Since 2019, we have been privileged to work with the admissions teams at the Pan-Atlantic University. We have grown the number of digital applications into both graduate and undergraduate programs by over 800% annually. Channels Engaged: ● Google Display Marketing, ● Search Engine Marketing, YouTube Video Ads. ● Facebook Display & Video Ads. ● Instagram Display & Video Ads. ● Twitter Display & Video Marketing Ads. ● Linkedin Display & Video Marketing Ads. Results: Campaign activities have led to mass awareness reaching over 8million people yearly thereby driving thousands of inquiries and leading to over 800% year on year increase in online applications to both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Flour Mills Of Nigeria Plc Digital Case Study

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to serve the FMN PLC in various annual campaigns. Channels Engaged: ● Facebook Display Advertising ● Instagram Display Advertising ● Twitter Display Advertising ● PR - Punch Newspaper, Bellanaija, Pulse and more digital & print platforms. Results: Driving an increased number of applications to the wholesales and retail products distributorship program across all states in the country. Creating mass awareness, engagements and user generated content as part of social media contests for some key annual events.

Flour Mills Of Nigeria Plc Digital Case Study

Here’s What We Did For Flour Mills Of Nigeria Plc Digital ● Display Advertising ● Video Marketing ● Search Engine Marketing ● App Marketing Campaigns ● Lead Generation Campaigns ● Email Marketing ● Sms Marketing ● Custom Digital Campaigns


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